In Arizona, the legal landscape is vast, with nearly 19,000 attorneys eligible to practice law. However, the distinction of being a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist is rare. As of early 2024, the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization lists only 64 Certified Family Law Specialists, making it a select group of legal experts. This translates to roughly 3 out of every 1,000 lawyers in Arizona holding this prestigious certification.

Cantor Law Group: Expertise and Specialization

Cantor Law Group stands out with two Board-Certified Family Law Specialists and one Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist, providing a robust team to handle Sedona Divorce or Child Custody cases, including any criminal allegations that may arise. This specialized expertise is critical given the complexities of divorce in Sedona, AZ, which can range from simple alimony cases to intricate divorces involving business owners.

Choosing the Best Sedona Divorce Lawyer Team

When selecting the best family law firm for your divorce case in Sedona, Arizona, several factors come into play. Experience and leadership are paramount. Cantor Law Group, established over 20 years ago, originally as a companion to DM Cantor (focused solely on criminal defense), has built a strong reputation in family law. The firm’s family law team, led by seasoned professionals including Board-Certified Specialists Nicholas Boca and Travis Owen, handles divorce, child custody, and juvenile family law matters across Arizona.

Track Record of Success

Cantor Law Group’s impressive track record includes handling cases involving everyday individuals to high-profile clients like professional athletes, as well as high net worth cases involving tens of millions of dollars. Members of the team have been appointed to various legal boards in Arizona and are frequent speakers at continuing legal education seminars, underscoring their expertise and commitment to the legal profession.

Understanding Divorce in Arizona

Divorce, legally known as the dissolution of marriage, involves resolving key issues such as child custody, financial matters, and freedom to remarry. Governed by Title 25 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, divorce in Arizona addresses child custody, property division, child support, and spousal support (alimony).

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

A legal separation, unlike divorce, does not end the marriage, offering alternatives for those with religious beliefs, health insurance concerns, or other personal reasons. Both processes resolve issues like child custody, support, and property division, with Cantor Law Group providing expert guidance throughout.

Collaborative Divorce and Annulment

Collaborative divorce, a newer approach in Sedona, Arizona, involves a cooperative process different from traditional divorce. Annulment, on the other hand, is a court declaration that a marriage was null and void from the start.

Preparing for Divorce: Dos and Don’ts

Preparing for divorce involves several crucial steps:

  • Contact a Sedona Divorce Lawyer at Cantor Law Group immediately.
  • Privatize your social media and change your online passwords.
  • Gather all financial documents and list all assets and debts.
  • Maintain your mental and physical health and build a support network.
  • Always act with integrity and work towards an amicable divorce.

Conversely, avoid vacating your home before the divorce is final without consulting your lawyer, concealing money or assets, expecting your lawyer to handle everything, stopping your spouse’s health and car insurance, and starting a new romantic relationship before finalizing the divorce.

Initiating a Divorce in Arizona

The divorce process begins with filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, outlining key facts and requests regarding custody, property division, and support. Properly filing all required pleadings, such as the Notice of Appearance, Family Court Cover Sheet, Sensitive Data Sheet, Summons, and various notices, is crucial to avoid delays or issues in your case.

Asset and Property Division

Dividing assets and property involves understanding concepts like community versus separate property, real property issues, and community liens. This process often requires the expertise of a knowledgeable Sedona Divorce Lawyer and may involve outside CPA or tax advisors.

Service of Divorce Petition and Response

Once the divorce petition is filed, serving your spouse with the petition and initial pleadings is essential. This can be done through a process server or certified mail, but handing the documents directly to your spouse is not permitted unless they sign an Acceptance of Service.

Community Property and Cooling Off Period

Arizona’s community property principles mean that each spouse equally owns property acquired during the marriage, with exceptions for gifts, devises, or property earned post-service of the divorce petition. The “cooling off period” of 60 days after serving the petition is mandatory before the court can enter a divorce decree.

Default Judgment and Preliminary Injunction

If no response is filed by your spouse, you can request a default judgment, granting all your requests without dispute. The court also issues a Preliminary Injunction to prevent certain actions by either spouse, like transferring joint property or removing children from Arizona, ensuring a fair and orderly process.

Discovery and Disclosure

During the discovery and disclosure phase, spouses exchange detailed financial and personal information, crucial for negotiating or litigating asset division, custody, support, and maintenance. Compliance with disclosure requirements, mandated by Rule 49 of the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, is essential for a transparent and informed resolution.

High-Net Worth Divorce Issues

High net worth divorces involve specialized knowledge in business valuations, executive compensation plans, asset tracing, and forensic accounting. Cantor Law Group attorneys are equipped to handle these complex issues, ensuring a fair division of high-value assets.

Temporary Orders

Temporary orders address issues pending the final trial or settlement, such as dividing accounts, granting use of the community residence, parenting time, child support, and spousal maintenance.

Representing You: Cantor Law Group’s Core Principles

Cantor Law Group’s core purpose is to help clients navigate through the toughest times of their lives. Their principles of hard work, excellent trial skills, and high-touch client services ensure comprehensive support. From the initial consultation to filing pleadings and achieving your goals, Cantor Law Group is dedicated to providing expert legal representation.


Navigating a divorce in Sedona, Arizona, requires the expertise of seasoned professionals. Cantor Law Group’s team of Board-Certified Family Law Specialists offers unparalleled experience and dedication, ensuring that your legal journey is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Whether dealing with simple or complex divorce issues, their commitment to excellence makes them the best choice for your family law needs.

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